Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) for supporting summer apprenticeships of high school students and undergraduates. 

High School Apprenticeship:

Undergraduate Apprenticeship:


Industrial Internships

Apex Lab Solutions and Delaware Diagnostic Las are accepting undergraduates interns for routine lab diagnosis work. 

COIM INC, NJ is accepting undergraduates interns for analytical chemistry and QC. 

Please contact Dr. Fu if you are interested in these interns.


DNA Design Tools

Tiamat from the Yan lab for designing 2D and 3D DNA nanostructures.

Cadnano  by Shawn Douglas

Nupack by Niles Pierce and Colleagues at Caltech.

NanoEngineer-1 by Nanorex for Drawing 3D DNA molecules

CanDo by Mark Bathe Lab at MIT


21st Century Skills Assessment Surveys

Attachment -21 Centuray Survey

Research Group

Hao Yan lab @ Arizona State University

Peng Yin Lab @ Harvard University

William Shih Lab @ Harvard University

Dan Luo Lab @ Cornell University

Chengde Mao Lab @ Purdue University

Thomas LaBean Lab @ North Carolina State Univ,

Hendrik Dietz Lab @ TU Munich,

Kurt Gothelf Lab @ Aarhus University,

Tim Liedl Lab @ Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich,

Niles Pierce Lab @ California Institute of Technologh,

Ned Seeman Lab @ New York University,

Friedrich C. Simmel Lab @ Technische Universität München,

Hiroshi Sugiyama Lab @ Kyoto University,

Itamar Willner Lab @ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Erik Winfree Lab @ California Institute of Technologh,

Shawn Douglas Lab @ University of California, San Francisco,

Yonggang Ke Lab @ Georgia Institute of Technology,

Chenxiang Lin Lab