Bio-Mimetic Design and Molecular Sensing Lab at Rutgers University-Camden

Biological systems use complex macromolecular nanostructure networks to mediate a range of cellular functions, such as biomolecule synthesis, signal transduction, and gene expression and regulation, all with high efficiency and specificity. Many of these macromolecular systems have evolved through the spontaneous self-assembly of components into highly organized spatial structures. Mimicking these structures outside of the cell requires methods that offer nanoscale control over the organization of individual network components. We aim to apply the self-assembled molecular scaffolds to the organization of biomoleuclar networks with the intention of understanding fundamental mechanisms for biochemistry cascade reactions as well as developing novel regulatory biocircuits. Research themes in our lab include:

  • Synthetic and Bio-Mimetic Nanoreactors
  • Spatially Interactive and Regulatory Biomolecular Network
  • Molecular circuits for sensing and diagnosis

The lab is opening for a Postdoctoral Research Position, to apply for it, please contact Dr Jinglin Fu 

Lab: Joint Health Science Center, Room 135

Jinglin Fu “Biomimetic assembly of multienzyme reactions on DNA nanostructures”, Research Outreach 2019, 109. DOI: 10.32907/RO-109-1013

Interview with DNA nanotechnology

DNA origami