Lab currently has opening postdoc positions for research on DNA/protein hybrid nanostructures, bio-mimetic assemblies and functions ! Any candidates with a Ph.D (or coming Ph.D) in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Engineering or other relevant fields are encouraged to apply. 

Please send a cover letter with a CV and names of three references to In your cover letter please briefly describe your scientific interests and credentials, how your interest and skills fit in the aims of the lab. What is your long-term career plan and how we could facilitate you to work towards your goals in this lab. To review the lab information, please visit:

Graduate students

The lab is currently open for CCIB Ph.D candidates for lab rotations, and Ph.D research. 

Students interested in pursuing Ph.D studies in the Biomolecular Systems Lab should apply to the program of Computational and Integrative Biology at Rutgers University-Camden.

Students interested in mater studies in the Biomolecular Systems Lab should apply to the Chemistry master program at the Rutgers University-Camden.

Current Rutgers graduate students interested in a rotation in the Biomolecular Systems Lab should send an email to

Undergraduate students

The lab currently has positions open for undergraduate research. Please contact Jinglin Fu for any interest. 

We have limited available slots for undergraduates. Exceptionally talented and highly motivated undergraduates who would like to participate the independent research in the  Biomolecular Systems Lab are encouraged to contact

Rutgers University will support limited numbers of excellent undergraduates for their research.